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A local One-Stop-Shop to deliver the finest visual media - to showcase your company and boats, keep prospects engaged, help shorten the sales and increase new business. 

Since 2003, our parent company BONOMOTION has delivered results-driven video marketing for Fortune 100 companies. 

Now is the time to communicate your brand story, explain your value proposition, and build relationships with your clients and prospects. Let us be your anchor on the journey ahead. . .

Yacht Videos and Photography

We offer Turn-Key Packages that cover all Interior and Exterior Photography, Video and Aerials. Our simple pricing model makes it easy to have all your boats filmed. . . then sold! 


M/Y Seanna is a 56m Yacht from Delta Marine.  After an 16-month refit, we interviewed key people responsible for the launch of this beauty.


Our licensed & insured drone pilots can capture your boats, marinas and business from a birds-eye perspective. Photos and Video!  

3D Technology

Anyone in the world can now take a Realistic Virtual Tour of your entire yacht. It's the closest thing to being there in person.

Online video marketing has finally come of age.

72% of prospects are more likely to buy from you,
after watching a video.  
- AdWeek


National Marine Suppliers wanted an engaging way to showcase their facility and services to global clients. 


There's no better way to re-live the moments from your events; than with video coverage & testimonials. 


Drive new business with targeted advertisments focused around a Call to Action. These can be run Online & TV 

About us

As South Floridians we have always had a passion for life on the water; and this is reflected in our style of production.  Based in Miami, there's no destination that's unreachable - as we are here to build long-term relationships with the best people in the Marine Industry. 

Bernard and Shanna Bonomo

bernard and shanna bonomo

Best Yacht Video Production in Florida

If you are a boat owner looking to show off your boat company to potential prospects and increase your business, then Marine Video Production is your best bet. Here at Marine Video Production, we can help you show off your yacht from the inside, the outside, and up above with our drone filming technology. Our team produces the best yacht photography in Miami and can assist you in communicating the brand story while building relationships and explaining value proposition to prospects and clients.

Cutting-Edge 3D Technology

We are on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to yacht video production in Miami and even offer 3D services. With our 3D technology, we can create a virtual tour of the entire yacht for potential clients to view. Research shows that 72% of potential clients are likely to buy the products after watching a video about them. As you can imagine that number is even higher with a 3D tour, as potential clients will feel they are actually inside the boat thanks to our highly skilled production team.

Engaging Photography and Videos for Your Business

We also specialize in creating engaging commercials for your business that are focused on a call to action and can be run on TV or online. Our team here is capable of capturing live events as well. There’s no better way to relive a corporate event, trade show, fashion party, b2b networking party, or any other special occasion than with a gorgeous well-shot video. Our experts will combine an original music soundtrack with amazing cinematic editing to produce a video that looks like it came out of Hollywood.

South Florida is the yachting capital of the world, and our founders were born and raised here. We know what it takes to make your yachts look beautiful and attractive on the inside, outside, and from up in the sky. The operators behind our drones and cameras are some of the best in the business, and they work with the highest quality equipment on the market. When it comes to the best yacht video production in Florida, Marine Video Production has the market cornered. With our wide array of options for boat owners, we can make any yacht look like a dreamboat whether it’s sitting still in the water or ripping full speed across the South Florida sea for up to 50 knots. Contact us today for a quote.

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